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ok here it is: we are to all choose a state to talk a little about discussing the first 6 bullet points, there has to be a total of three different states discussed. The paper needs to discuss the bullet points under write a 1400 to 1750 word paper. I talked about Tennessee in the forum, and added a little info about the state in the introduction of the rough draft paper. I am also going to add a little info about Florida regarding the info Jaimie has and I will add a little info in the intro regarding the state you choose to research.  when you view the bullet points under the 1400 1750 word paper I  wrote on: describe how the Americans with disabilities Act of 1990 affects human services. There are two more bullet points that have to be discussed in the paper



All team members should answer each question below and post the answer to compare information from multiple states. The Learning Team should research a minimum of three states.

  • Identify the assistive technologies available to special needs populations in your state.
  • What types of assistive technologies are available?
  • What healthcare educational resources are available to special needs populations?
  • Does your state provide a comprehensive database of services and technologies available?
  • How do special needs populations access services in your state?
  • What additional assistive technology is available that is not currently used in your selected states? What are the challenges to implement the technology?

Write a 1,400 to 1,750 word paper to summarize team members’ answers. The paper should also include the following information:

  • Describe how the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 affects human services.
  • Compare and contrast the way each state provides assistive technology and educational resources?
  • Based on what you learned about various states, what are some recommendations to enhance the way the assistive technology and educational resources are made available?
  • We only have to do 466 words a piece this is due tonight !! You can write about your state Innocent
  • FL. already taken tenn. already taken another state like GA, CA, NC. ect fine 
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