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Number of words: 500 to 550

Voice: 3rd person “He and She”

Key Point #1

Typical benefits offered today, such as paid time off (PTO), holiday pay, overtime pay, bonuses, etc

Key Point #2

Benefits are not required, they are optional and at the discretion of the employer in most cases

Additional Instructions:

Please write an informative article about the topic. After reading the article, the reader should have gained valuable knowledge. The objective is to make the article interesting to read, rational, and relevant to the topic.

 Write directly. Use short, succinct sentences.


Wordy Phrases (word stuffing): ‘To make sure to…’, ‘be sure to’, ‘when you make the decision to’, ‘you are most likely going to consider’, ‘his is the one thing that…’, ‘most individuals, but not all individuals…’

In essence, do not repeat what everybody already knows. Remember, you are writing for an intellectual and educated audience.

You may use sub headers. Do not copy anything from Wikipedia or any other source.

Best Regards

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