netflix strategy in 2018 does the company have sufficient competitive strength to fight off aggressive rivals

1.How strong are the competitive forces in the rapidly evolving global market for streamed video content? Do a five-forces analysis to support your answer.

2.What forces are driving changes in this “new” global industry? Are the impacts of thedriving forces favorable or unfavorable in term of competitive intensity and profitability?

3.What does astrategic group mapof this industry look like? How attractively is Netflix positioned on the map? Why?

4.What key factors will determine a company’s success in the next 3-5 years?

5.What is Netflix’s strategy? Which generic competitive strategy(Ch. 5) most closely fit theircompetitive approach? What competitive advantage is Netflix trying to achieve?

6.What does a NF SWOT analysis reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation?

7.What is your appraisal of Netflix’s operating and financial performance based onExhibits 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7? What performance positives and negatives doyou see? Use the financial ratios in Table 4.1 (Ch.4)as a guide for an analysis-based answer

.8.How does NF’scompetitive strength compare against its primary rivals as of 2018? Do a competitive strength assessment using the methodology in Table 4.4 (Ch. 4) as support. Does Netflix have a net competitive advantage over some/all of these rivals?

9.What 3-4 top priority issues does Netflix management need to address?

10.What recommendations would you make to Netflix CEO Hastings?Recommendations should cover what to do about each of the top priority issues identified in question 9.

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