network administrator skills and knowledge application

Part A

Network Administrator—Skills and Knowledge: Application

You are a Network Administrator in Net Ambit Inc. The company has one External IP, five servers (Static). One of them handles DHCP (2k3), 12 printers (Static), 175 wired personal computers (PCs) or users (DHCP). This is a new facility or set up and no IPs have been assigned to you.

You’re logged on locally to a user’s computer and your mapping batch file didn’t run and you need to get a file from one of your servers. You have been told that your Internet connection has been set-up and ready for use. You already know how many devices will be connected to your network in the beginning so it’s now time to lay out a plan.

Based on your understanding of the above scenario, create a report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following:

  • What plan will you layout in terms of your proposal for listing IP addresses if your first IP is and your last is have ten printers that will be used by multiple users.
  • What plan will you follow to assign printers to all the users in the organization?While learning how to read a DHCP Log File, there are various event IDs which detail events.
  • Discuss a minimum of five event types found in a DHCP log and describe what they refer to.

Finally, you have 175 PCs that will all be hardwired to the LAN and will each need an IP.

How will you use your network administrator skills and knowledge in assigning IPs to each user?


ABC Technologies: Network Monitoring

You are working as the network administrator in ABC technologies. Your company’s network has been experiencing many issues and consistent outages because of the lack of any monitoring or alarm setups very often recently.

You spend most of your time fighting outages just to get the network back online until the next outage or bottleneck occurs. Finally, you convince your manager to let you seek a monitoring software package from a variety of leading vendors that specialize in these packages with the hopes that it will give you notifications of events that are exceeding thresholds as well as quick diagnosis on events on the network.

On the basis of your understanding of the above scenario, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes answers to the following:

  • Which leading vendor monitoring package would you choose? Provide rationale for the reason you chose it. Include two other vendor monitoring packages to demonstrate a comparison between other products.
  • Analyze and describe specific remote network monitoring (RMON) events that you would capture statistics on?
  • Which thresholds you would establish on the network along with various alarms that you would setup to proactively address any upcoming issues?
  • Describe in detail the reasons and benefits for each of the thresholds and alarms you would have setup on your network as well as the information that would be provided from the RMON events.

Submission Details

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.
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