nework design 2


I need a 3 to 5 page paper that includes the requirements below. and based on the attached network diagram provided. Must base the design on the attached netork diagram. The paper has to be 100% original and will be checked against plagiarism checker before the final payment is made and has to rate lower than 10%.  The paper has to be in APA format and contain headings/labels for each section, meaning an introduction, main topic/sub topics, and conclusion with at least 4 references.


Explain the importance of communication protocols.


  • Identify the protocols in your design and provide rationale for your decision.
  • Define the overall network architecture.
  • Explain the usefulness of a traffic analysis.
  • Explain the terms latency, response time, and jitter, and describe their effect on overall network performance and on the performance of your chosen organization’s network.
  • Explain the effect of data rates on each part of the network.
  • Describe strategies to ensure the availability of network access in switched and routed networks.
  • Self assess your work against the Peer Evaluation Rating Scale.  This means write a 1 sentence description rating me as a 4 or excellent in each of the 4 categories using the following criteria

Categories                                          Criteria

Team Involvement Active and substantive  involvement in team discussions.


Time Management Supported team timeline and met the assignment due date.


Establishing & Following Guidelines Took the lead on establishing and following the   goals, roles, andresponsibilities of the team.


Professional Communication Interacted with other members of the team with a            respectful and professional tone. Communication was clear with no typographical or         grammatical errors.









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