no specific question please respond to the two topics as directed using minimum 100 words each


Each response to each topic should contain a minimum of 100 words. Include a link to any site you used to help you respond to the questions.

IT133: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

Topic 1:

Based on your readings and the Hoonuit tutorials, find out more about the different uses of a hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2016, then comment on the following: Microsoft Corp. (n.d.). Create or edit a hyperlink. Retrieved from

What are the different hyperlink options in Microsoft Word 2016 and how might you use the options?

Microsoft Word allows you to create a table using several different methods. Describe two of the methods explaining the pros and cons of the methods and whether the methods you selected were easy to use.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts

Discussion Topic: Open Source Software

Consider two pieces of software that you use or want to learn to use (you cannot consider Word, PowerPoint, or Excel®for the purposes of this Assignment). Is the software you chose proprietary, or is it open source? How do you know? If it is proprietary, find an open-source alternative. (For example, if you chose Word, you might choose OpenOffice Writer.) If it is open source, find a proprietary alternative. (For example, if you chose OpenOffice Writer, you would choose Word.) What are the benefits and drawbacks of using proprietary software? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using open-source software? Are there any drawbacks or benefits that are particular to the software you wrote about? Explain your answer.

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