nurse leader report part 2

Nurse Leader Report Part 2: Interview and Observe

This week, submit Part 2 of your template.

  • Interview and observe your nurse leader for a MINIMUM of 4 hours. You can do this all at once, or split the visits (if you split the visits please indicate that on your template).
  • Using the template, take notes on the responses given during the interview and summarize the behaviors you observed
  • Before submitting part 2, list and summarize the corresponding theory from your Marquis and Huston (2015) textbook that relates to/explains the behaviors observed. Include page numbers from your textbook for content that you are referencing.
  • If you are directly quoting from the text, you must use quotation marks along with your page numbers if you use the authors’ exact words. Brief paraphrasing in your own words is preferred over using many quotes.
  • Submit the template with part 2 completed.
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