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   The most effective advertising pushes the customer to the Web, no matter what advertising channel is used.


   A marketing plan is part of the company’s business or strategic plan which is focued on meeting:


  1. Company quantitative goals such as revenue and market share reach.


  2. Company qualitatives goals, such as brand awarness and community goodwill.


 Part II


    Creative Ideas: Your customers Reason to Believe in the Product: This week detail the promtional plan by defining the following: 1. What is the overall marketing message for your promotional and asdvertising plan?


  2.Prepare 2 advertisements for cross selling between traditional Web formats: The following are examples: A magazine or some type of print ad that promotes the company’s web site and/or specific products.  A banner ad or paid search ad that advertises the company’s Web sit.


  3. Develop a 1 year media calendar focusing a traditional and online hybrid of 4 media platforms.  One platform must be a social media site.  Your advertising budget is $10 million, detail out each media platform and the months you will run your advertising. Media schedules can include a continous plan meaning you advertise throughout the year, a pulsing plan advertising more intensively in certain months; and a flighting plan advertising only during certain months and the year.



    Compny is Apple 1,500 2,000 words with References

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