open book testexam scan it back me answers circled and page provided where answers were foun



Instructions: Go to <<>>

And then search for these course titles; they are an OPEN BOOK/OPEN TEST BOOKs; print the exam, and circle the correct answers and provide the page numbers where you found the answer and scan it back to me.

Does that look like something you can do so that I can post it and handshake it with you.

I am willing to give you 2 weeks ; that’s plenty of time I think.  Let me know before I give it to someone else.  Thanks.


1.       Principles of Emergency Management                   $5 for each because it’s an open book!

2.       Exercise Design and Evaluation  

3.       Incident Command System

4.       Emergency Planning

5.       Emergency Operations Center and Comm.

6.       Leadership & Influence

7.       Decision Making in a Crisis

8.       Developing Volunteer Resources

9.       Business Emergency Management

10.   Effective Communications

11.   Public Information Officer

If you need help and/or strategies doing this fast, let me know, I can help you.

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