Organization Analysis Patriot Academy Discussion

GOVT 200

For this assignment, you will choose 1 group, organization, etc. that is actively involved in engaging the culture. Possible groups include (but are not limited to):

  • Heritage Foundation
  • Patriot Academy
  • Leadership Institute
  • Liberty Counsel
  • Live Action
  • State specific organization such as the Texas Public Policy Foundation

The goal is to explain and analyze what the organization is doing to impact the culture. You can focus on the strengths and accomplishments of the group, or you could focus on its weaknesses and suggest ways the group could be more effective. Cite your information where necessary.

Read: McClellan: Part 5 — Section C

Read: The Postmodern Challenge

Read: Confounding the Postmodern Mind

Read: The Changing Face of Christian Politics

Read: Let Christians Vote as Though They Were Not Voting

Read: An Eclectic Inheritance: Kuyper’s Politics Today

Read: Government and God’s People — An Interview with Wayne Grudem


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