paper 3 the spectacle today 1

  • Length: 1500 Words, double-spaced
  • Sources: At least four, one of them Debord, Turkle, and/or Carr and at least two from the online. All other sources are open.
  • Cited (in-text and with works cited page) according to MLA requirements

Now that you have spent some time looking at the ideas of Guy Debord, Sherry Turkle, and Nicholas Carr at great depth, I would like you to use their ideas to analyze a situation from our lives today.

Your task will be to apply these ideas about the Spectacle to a contemporary example of mass-media, technology, advertising, celebrity culture, social media, or other aspects of the Spectacle. How do their ideas help us to better understand this situation?

Topic: (SLENDER MAN, A horror story that caused two girls to attempt to kill their friend)

Your essay should look at one specific example of the Spectacle in contemporary culture. You should describe it, document it, and then compare it to Debord, Turkle, and/or Carr’s ideas. To what extent do our authors’ arguments about the Spectacle apply to this aspect of contemporary culture? How do their fears, concerns, and predictions play out here?


You will probably—but not necessarily–have to do the following things:

  • Explain some of the concepts from Debord, Turkle, and/or Carr
  • Give background information about the phenomenon you are exploring
  • Describe the phenomenon in great detail
  • Compare it to our authors’ ideas. Does this phenomenon prove, disprove, expand, or change their arguments?
  • Make an argument about the nature of the surveillance you are describing. What are its effects? Its dangers? Its benefits? Persuade us to your argument.


Papers are graded on argument, evidence, organization, voice, and mechanics / MLA (see rubric below).


  • The paper focuses on one specific topic throughout the essay.
  • The argument discusses whether the topic proves, disproves, or changes some of our authors’ ideas.
  • The argument is debatable and complex.
  • The argument is stated completely in a thesis statement early on in the essay.


  • The paper uses at least four sources: one of them is Debord, Turkle, and/or Carr. At least two are from Holman Library.
  • The paper supports its argument with relevant, warranted evidence from credible sources.
  • Outside evidence is presented in “quote sandwich” structures including introductions and thorough analysis.
  • All outside evidence is cited accurately via in-text citations and a works-cited page.


  • The paper uses an organization system (such as Classical Oration) to give the entire essay a clear, logical order.
  • The paper includes an introduction that presents the topic and argument as well as a conclusionthat summarizes and finalizes.
  • The paper’s flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph is clear and logical, using effective transitions and connections.

Academic Voice:

  • The writer’s ethos is matched effectively to their (academic) audience’s expectations.
  • The voice shows strong and effective specificity, clarity, and authority in its structure and word choice.
  • Verbs especially are often from Latin or French origins.

Mechanics and MLA:

  • The essay on the whole is free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics.
  • The paper is formatted according to MLA guidelines, including font size and style, spacing, and quote format.


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