paper and pick a text

For this paper (app. 2000 words) you need to do the following:

  1. Select a text upon which you will bring to bear two theoretical approaches.
  2. Choose which theoretical approaches you will bring to bear on the text. You may wish to do some research on what scholarship has been written on the text to guide your choices (see 3. below).
  3. Find at least one scholarly article for each theoretical approach that addresses your chosen literary text (see 2. above).
  4. Write an essay in which you discuss the application of each of the two theories to your text. This should include the scholarly articles you find but also utilize your own understanding and reading of the text, based on the two theories.
  5. Finally, argue which of the two theories you feel is more useful in developing an understanding of the overall text. This is a judgment call on your part–while both theories will (arguably) be useful, which theory ultimately helps you and readers come to a more thorough and meaningful understanding of the text as a work of literary art.
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