paper essentially depth report apa manuscript format mnc you chose track beginning course ar

I choice Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Assignment Instructions

Research Paper

This paper is essentially an in depth report (in APA manuscript format) on the MNC you chose to track at the beginning of this course. In around 3,000 words (of text body, not including Title page, References page, and any addenda used for graphs, tabular data and other) you should address:

  1. Company Background (brief history) including their major products
  2. Descriptions of when and how the company entered the international arena and their markets
  3. Initial international issues and challenges
  4. Current international issues and challenges
  5. Volatility, exchange rates and hedging activities, and property rights
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
  7. Outlook

Additionally, you should include as addenda at least:

  1. Financial Statement and Ratio analyses (3 year)
  2. Three year stock history (graph recommended)
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