perceptions and prejudice in disney s zootopia 1

Compose an essay, between 5-6 pages in length (about 1200-1500 words), which

presents an original argument about social, racial or identity issues present in



More Specifically:


Your essay must include an academic summary of the movie and three core

articles and cited evidence from at least three of your assignment texts.

(Academic Summary of Anchor Text and Supplemental/Additional Sources.)


Your essay must also include your argument about the social, racial, or identity

issue you have chosen to cover. That means you need a thesis and topic

sentences, which state your




why. You also need



your argument in the form of cited material. You will be using PIE paragraph

structure as you did in previous essays.


Your argument should include at least one specific counter-argument (in

response to one of your claims/points), or point your opposition could

raise, to which you respond with a refutation. You support for the

counterargument can come from one the texts we cover for this essay or

from something you come up with on your own.


You must include a total of at least


direct quotes from at least three sources

for the essay. This may include quotes directly from the movie. Remember I have

posted the script for you to use.


Your essay needs to have a creative title.


If you include any key terms in your essay, you must spend time defining these

terms for your audience.

NOTE: Since you are citing the article, and possibly your own sources, don’t

forget your Works Cited page.

Requirements for Assignment Being Complete:

1. Thesis Proposal

2. Completed Draft

Can you work with me on the due dates please

  • Thesis Proposal: Friday 11/15 by 11:59pm
  • Completed Draft: Wednesday 11/20 by 11:59pm
  • Revision Work Completed 11/24 by Sunday
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