persuasion and influence leadership

For this assignment, you will delve into the topics of influence and persuasion techniques. When thinking about these topics, Social Cognitive Theory and Bandura’s Triadic reciprocality model of causality is at the forefront of my thought as it relates to the reciprocal interactions among behaviors, environmental variables, and personal factors.

I have included an article by Albert Bandura, Organisational Applications of Social Cognitive Theory, to serve as a starting point for your research on this topic. You may access this article within the links section of the course. This particular article focuses upon developing competencies through modeling, perceived self efficacy, and self regulation and motivation through goal systems.

As you continue this assignment, I expect you to search for additional information on topics related to influence and persuasion for organizational leaders. Keep in mind, Wikipedia, magazine articles, and .com sites are NOT acceptable references. Your sources should include book excerpts, dissertations, professional journal articles, or other similar sources.   

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