Plastic Molds Industries CLA2 Paper




Continuing your work on the case from PA1 and CLA1, PMI has had many issues tracing orders and with inventory over the past several years. While some mold base sizes are overproduced, other sizes are out of stock. Orders are also being lost between the salesman submitting them and the foreman who creates a new work order. The plant currently runs 3 shifts 7 days a week as inventory issues and their 3-day order delivery policy has caused the plant to run nonstop. The company is currently using Frame Relay and a POTS line to interconnect their 4 locations. There is only 1 MDF that is located in the basement at HQ.

Provide a recommendation to update the PMI ordering and e-commerce portal so that it can support its sales staff regardless of their location in a 24×7 environment. All work should be in 7th Edition, APA-format, which includes a separate cover and reference page along with no less than six (6) pages of researched findings. The total proposal must be at a minimum of eight (8) pages. You must provide a minimum of four (4) industry-related, academic, or peer-reviewed references.


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