please help asap 3

Topic 1: Issues and Challenge

Eileen is an artist and is also very concerned about the dilapidation of her neighborhood. She is particularly concerned with the deplorable condition of old man Ulrich’s property – a large warehouse right at the entrance of the neighborhood that is in disrepair and badly in need of a paint job. So one evening, Eileen sneaks over and paints a beautiful mural on the side of old man Ulrich’s warehouse and he has her arrested and charged with criminal mischief. You have been asked to assist with Eileen’s defense. What would you argue in her defense and how do you think your case will end?

Topic 2: Scenario – You Decide

Discuss whether or not each of the following constitutes a burglary and support your answer.

  1. Dwayne sees a private home with the front door open and enters it, intending to steal a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (worth about $2).
  2. Belinda and Jimmy are in the process of a divorce and he is living in the marital home while she lives with her mother. Belinda believes that Jimmy has been “carrying on with that tramp down the street” and that she has moved into the marital residence with Jimmy. Belinda waits until after dark and then sneaks through the basement window, planning to stab Jimmy and his new girlfriend to death
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