PPT Editing

  • These are the parts that need to be added/edited
  • awards are not major events
  • good examples from plays, but only 2 out of 3
  • Those are not conventions.  
  • I wanted quotes from the review, not the play.




  • This is what the project should contain, in power point form
    • Pictures of the artist and examples of their work
    • Brief biography.  (bullet point of the 10 key events)
    • Three points on their chief concerns regarding ethnic or minority issues.
    • Examples from plays that illustrate these concerns
    • Three quotes from interviews you find relevant
    • Three conventions of their work that are unique
    • Find a recent production of one of their works in a major city that got reviewed and find three relevant quotes on their work.
    • Have to do a short write up on the other projects
      • Three bullet points of interest


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