Work on the Continuing Payroll Problem Project

Complete this week’s portion of the Continuing Payroll Problem A, which can be found at the end of Chapter 3 (page 3 65). To complete this Project you are required to utilize the template.

Download the template here.

You are to complete this portion of the Continuing Payroll Problem A and submit to the Continuing Payroll Project Dropbox. You will earn 10 points for the completion of this portion of the Continuing Payroll Problem A and not for accuracy. Your work will not be graded this week but awarded 10 completion points.

Refer to the partially completed payroll register you started at the end of Chapter 2. You will now determine the amount of FICA taxes to be withheld from each employee’s pay for the pay period ending January 8.

    1. In the Taxable Earnings columns, record the amount of each employee’s weekly earnings that is subject to FICA taxes.
    2. Using the amount recorded in step (1), compute the taxes for each employee and record in the appropriate column.

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