prevention substance use disorders

Visit National Registry of Evidence based Programs and Practices:

Click on the “Advanced Search” tab. Check “Substance Abuse Prevention” in the “Areas of Interest” box and “School” in the “settings” box.

Choose other search parameters to find programs in your area(s) of interest. Broader search criteria may yield more results so if you do not find enough results try choosing fewer search criteria. From the listed programs in the search list, choose two to discuss for this exercise. Begin your paper with a discussion of the reason the programs you chose appeal to you. Evaluate the program characteristics and discuss the reasons you believe these programs are evidence based? Be sure to draw on information from the text and other scholarly sources regarding what constitutes an evidence based program. What aspects of these programs do you feel would help clients/students in preventing them from using alcohol and drugs?

This paper should be a minimum of 350 words (in APA format).

Your paper should be

  • in APA style
  • 12 point font
  • double spaced
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