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For this Assignment, you will draft recommendations of policy changes through the evaluation of an existing policy. To do this, you will conduct smart (best) practices research, and will draw on the best practices you identify to bolster your recommended policy changes. A great place to start your research is at the NGA Center for Best Practices: Environment, Energy, and Transportation website (see Unit 7: Extra! Extra!).


Once your research is complete, write a 4−5 page paper that clearly states your recommendations to your chosen policy area and supports these recommendations.


You should:


  • Select a policy from an area of interest to you, and find areas inside or outside of environmental policy from which to borrow or adapt potential improvements to that policy.

  • Formulate proposed recommendations to your policy area that includes the best practices you have researched. Be sure to clearly state your recommendations, and what policy you are basing your recommendations on.

  • Argue a convincing case explaining why the policy changes based on borrowed practices would be more effective over time and across stakeholders.

  • Assess the impact the recommendations will have on different stakeholders and interests.

  • Compare alternative choices of best practices that would inform appropriate policy changes. In your memo, include why you did not incorporate these alternative choices in your recommendations.



Please let me know if this is something you can complete! Thanks!

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