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summary should be close to 100 words, covering the main ideas in the text, rather than details.

  • Do not insert your own opinion into the summary. Strive to be accurate, objective, and concise.
  • Introduce the author and the title of the text you are discussing in the first line of your summary.
  • Use MLA documentation with parenthetical citations for any brief quotes you choose to include.
  • Provide a Works Cited list. During this Progression, we’ll cover documentation generally, but see The Little Seagull Handbook for help here.

 3.       What is your Response? Use your notes and annotations to respond to the text. What are your ideas, connections, associations with the text? Do you have a story that relates somehow? What do you think?Your response should be 150 250 words.


MSS Notes:

  • Exercise 1.1 & 1.2 should be about 2 typed, double spaced pages in total for both the summary and response. You’ll have to think carefully about what to include; don’t add words merely to fill a quota. As always, spell check and proofread your document before turning it in! Be sure to clearly mark each section; i.e., “Summary” and “Reponse.”
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