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Watch the Nightline videos on IDEO Shopping Cart first (listed below).


Next, read the article ideo shopping cart 1998 wasnt a failure the concept was just ahead of its time/

Write a 2 3  page paper describing IDEO’s support structure including the organization, culture, and management style that enables IDEO to be innovative. 

Answer the following questions in your paper:

  • Was the shopping cart a successful invention?
  • Was it ahead of its time?
  • If you hired IDEO to redesign a product, would you have confidence in their work?
  • If the design was truly ahead of it’s time, can you afford to spend money on developing something that won’t catch on for years? 
  • How can you be sure what you pay IDEO to come up with will bring faster results?

IDEO has won more of the BusinessWeek/IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards than any other firm. IDEO has been ranked in the top 25 most innovative companies by BusinessWeek and does consulting work for the other 24 companies in the top 25


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