Program Theory and Program Planning Discussion




Program Theory and Program Planning

Although each program administrator will develop their own unique leadership style, understanding program planning theories will help clarify how to approach how to make decisions throughout the program development process. The readings have provided an overview of different practices and administration and leadership theories. Reflect upon a theory that most resonates with your career interests and aligns with your career goals.

Please respond to the following:

  • Choose a program planning theory or theories that align with a proposed program. Briefly describe the main components of the theory and your rationale for choosing it.
  • Describe the program goals and objectives for this proposed program. Explain how the goal and objectives relate to the chosen program theory.
  • Describe proposed program interventions and activities (i.e., describe the day-to-day program activities that the program will engage in to achieve its goal). Explain how the interventions and activities relate to this program theory.


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