progress report 9

Progress-Report Presentation (Individual)

• Use Chapter 17

Imagine a work situation in which your supervisor sees you in the hallway and says, “I was just going to contact you! In the project-team meeting next week, I’d like to you give an update on what your team has accomplished so far, what your findings so far mean, and what you’ve got left to do.”

In this situation, your report would be a brief and informal oral presentation, likely given while sitting around a conference table. You would not have access to visuals. You would need to pay close attention to how you organize the content so that the audience can understand your message and remember what you say.

For this assignment, a successful report will contain:

● An explanation of your study’s background—a reminder of the opportunity for improving customer service that you are researching

● An overview of the main topics that your progress report will cover

● An explanation of each topic (e.g., findings related to each criterion for evaluating customer service)

● Explicit interpretations of your findings so far

● Logical organization

● Verbal transitions (i.e., signposts) to help the audience understand your movement from idea to idea

● A conclusion that summarizes the entire report and outlines the next steps that your group will take

Make sure to look carefully at the rubric for this assignment as you plan and develop your progress report.

You’ll deliver your progress report individually. Your instructor will be your audience.

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