project assignment 36

Each team will determine on a topic about the subjects related to our class; find the related and current literature papers; and write a term paper on your topic. The topic of the paper is wide-open to your interest, but it must be relevant to the topics of the course: thermodynamics of materials, phase equilibrium, free energy diagrams, diffusion, solidification, melting, homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, nucleation and growth, diffusional and diffusionless phase transformations in materials, precipitation hardening, oxidation of materials, electrochemical reactions and polarization diagrams, and so on. A part of this project is to allow you opportunity to develop and apply the skills in conducting a literature search and identifying useful information from the internet and physical library. Since the goal of this project is for you to understand the broad issues in thermodynamics and kinetics of materials, the paper content should focus on explaining the reason that the chosen topic/problem is interesting, describing the work that has been done so far, and illustrating the conclusions obtained and your thoughts about the topic/problem after reading the existing literatures.

Paper format:  Single-spaced;  Single column;  10- or 12-point font, Times;  1-inch margins on all sides;  Section headers must be distinguishable;  Text alignment: left;  Abstract: <200 words;  Must have page number inserted at bottom right corner;  All figures and tables should have captions and should be numbered consecutively;  There is to be a complete bibliography (not include in the page limit, at least 8 citations, with a minimum of six from the (recent) primary literature – that is, NOT from textbooks or review articles).

WE CHOSE THE HOW CAN WE AVOID oxidation of metals

So for this 3 pages you will only do the abstract , interdiction and some information about works already done and general information and studies about oxidation of metals and how can we avoid it

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