project charter 6 8

Jim asked you to join him to present the team’s leadership discussion to Sam and Gloria. The meeting went very well. You addressed your concerns, highlighted some key problem areas that were shared by the rest of the team, and connected everything back to how their actions are impacting the success of the project. They now realize that their behaviors and actions are putting the project at risk.

They were also pretty embarrassed with the type of behaviors they displayed in the meeting as the company leaders. Both Sam and Gloria were very receptive to the ideas that you presented to them. In fact, so receptive that they both said they see a lot of leadership potential in you.

“We are both sorry about the whole ordeal. We will both work together to control our emotions and not let it take over us again,” says Sam.

“Yes I agree. I will approve the charter’s budget, but there were a few sections that were incomplete and others I changed,” says Gloria.

Jim looks shocked, saying “What? Incomplete sections? I was pretty sure we completed everything before I forwarded the charter to you.”

“Here, take a look,” says Gloria, handing the project charter to Jim. “Sections six through eight are incomplete and missing some very important information.”

“Wow,” says Jim. “You are right. I should have taken a closer look at this before I gave it to you.”

Jim turns to you, handing you the document. “You have done such an excellent job throughout this entire project. Would you be willing to complete the project charter?” Click here for the project charter template.

“Of course.” you say




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