project consisting 5 miles stretch highway construction among many activities one can identi

For a project consisting of 5 miles stretch of highway construction, among many activities, one can identify the following tasks. Please list all tasks, including a few more that you suggest to be performed in an acceptable sequence of events: a. Initial surveys b. Grading c. Build foundations, storm water drainage d. Curbs e. Compaction of soils f. Base Gravel & compaction g. Asphalt base h. Pavement asphalt layer i. Signage j. Approvals k. Designs Considering the fact that, as a PM, you do not need to wait for a particular task to be completed, which might last during the entire length of highway, to start the next task (or have multiple crews designated to do the same task at different parts of the roadway), please draw the best Gantt Chart for all tasks involved, to be listed in a proper sequence, including many other important tasks that may not be listed above, using your own best estimates for the duration, and show where do you set your milestones/ control measures and on what elements/tasks in order to reduce cost overruns?
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