project mgmt 3

  1. Gather and review the results of your application work from Module 2.
  2. Contact one or more subject matter experts who worked on that project or who have relevant experience. Arrange a schedule and method for interviewing them about defining, sequencing, and estimating the project activities.


    1. Create a detailed activities list as follows:
    2. Examine the WBS and make a list of specific activities
    • Group the activities into clusters or groups of related activities
    • Separate the clusters into activities that can stand alone
    • Identify activities for reviewing, revising, and approving work
    • Identify activities for delivering completed deliverables


  1. Your activity list can be in a spreadsheet, word processing, or straight text format that is viewable by your instructor.
  2. Create a project network diagram. Use an application that your instructor can view.
  3. Draw a diagram showing the relationships among the activities.
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