project paper 36

Assignment Instructions:Each student will be responsible for researching a specific HR related law or act passed by legislation. (Examples: Title VII—Civil Rights Act of 1964, Fair Labor Standards Act, etc.) Prior to selecting your topic, please do some background research to make sure you are able to adequately present on the topic and are interested in it personally. You will always have a better presentation if you are researching on a topic that interests you!

This paper will detail the foundation of why this act is in place, how it came to be, how it is currently implemented in the workplace, and offer suggestions for change going forward. Additionally, students should detail how this particular act is impactful to the hospitality industry specifically. A presentation will be made to the class on the findings of the student’s research efforts. Each student will write a written report and create a 5-10-minute video presentation on their topic. These videos will need to be uploaded to the discussion board for peer review and grading purposes.

Paper Guidelines:

  • At least five pages of content, no less than 7 pages total (cover page, content, and reference page).
  • Written using APA formatting—Times New Roman, sz. 12 font, double-spaced, include page numbers in the top right corner and running header.
  • Please make sure that you include all citations (in-text and in the reference list).
  • Make sure to proofread your work! Grammar and spelling issues will be graded accordingly.

!! Based on your research and the content of your project presentation, please develop 10 multiple-choice or true-false questions to potentially be included on the final exam. These questions should be fully written with the question and four multiple-choice options and the correct answer marked.

Please submit your questions as a Word document. Each question will be worth 2.5 points.

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