psych 4522 paper fixing a culture 1

Assignment Instructions for Fixing a Toxic Culture

1. What is the problem?

summarize the issue

Tying to Needs assessment, program design, program evaluation

2. Who is affected and how?

(establish the need)

How are they affected?

To what degree?

What are the explicitly stated and potential consequences?

3. Is the problem also a source of benefit? (critical analysis of pros/cons)

How so?

Pros and cons?

Are folks affected differently?

On the basis of position?




4. What are three potential solutions? (Program/solution design)

Three pros and cons should be described for each of the potential solutions suggested.

These need to be drawn from course material and/or the textbooks

examples: Application of operant conditioning principles.

Modeling and mentorship processes

5. What will be the evidence of success or lack there of? (assessment/evaluation of solution)

What will be measured to indicate improvement or lack there of?

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