Psychological Perspectives Discussion Paper




Write a 4 page (minimum) paper (double-spaced) including the following elements. Describe your own personal psychological perspective on human nature and how to best change it (if possible), i.e. your “theoretical orientation.”

· Trace the roots of your ideas and position from ancient (if applicable) to the current modern psychological theories and strategies.

Title and Abstract pages (APA formatting)

  • Writing Presentation (grammar, neatness, clarity, and APA formatting)
  • Critical review/conceptualization of relevant history & systems of psychology
  • Personal psychological perspective on human nature supported by review/conceptualization
  • Evaluation of personal professional career orientation to psychology
  • References (minimum of 5 required, relevance and APA formatting)
  • Each will be evaluated on a 3-point scale (weak, adequate, strong).” For 80% credit on the paper (16 out of 20 points), all components must be at least adequate.”

This is a critical evaluative review/thought paper using history and systems of psychology material to develop, define, and critically evaluate your own personal professional career orientation to psychology.

In this paper, students will explore the usefulness of understanding history and systems, along with philosophical underpinnings, in order to potentially improve our profession and the human condition.


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