psychology 275

For this discussion, refer to the quantitative correlational research study you found in the Capella University Library. Use the Article Analysis Worksheet to prepare for this discussion. Briefly summarize the article (1–2 paragraphs). Discuss the following aspects of the study:

4.What are the variables in the study; what are the factors being correlated?

5.Was the correlation positive or negative?

6. What is the interpretation or meaning of the results of the correlation?


Please use subject related to these articles


Read Monson, C. M., Schnurr, P. P., Resick, P. A., Friedman, M. J., Young Xu, Y., & Stevens, S. P.’s 2006 article, “Cognitive Processing Therapy for Veterans with Military Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,” from Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, volume 74, issue 5, pages 898–907. (Quantitative).


Read Shaw, M. E., & Hector, M. A.’s 2010 article, “Listening to Military Members Returning from Iraq and/or Afghanistan: A Phenomenological Investigation,” from Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, volume 41, issue 2, pages 128–134. (Qualitative).

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