psychology assignment 10



I need help with these 11 movies 



Students are to write a paragraph identifying the type of anxiety disorder, with specific examples of behavior that meets diagnostic criteria. The student should list the criteria according to the DSM IV or DSM V and indicate which manual they are using to list the criteria of the disorder. Students are to watch the movie, take notes on how the specific disorder is manifested (what are the behaviors associated with the behavior), what are the reactions of other characters or the individual to the disorder, and how does the disorder effects the normal living of the individual with the specific disorder. 



movies list

The first set are: 

The Aviator (2004): Howard (OCD)

Copycat (1995): Helen (panic disorder with agoraphobia)

Matchstick Men (2003): Roy (OCD)

As Good as it Gets (1997): Melvin (OCD)

Vertigo (1958): Scottie (phobia of heights)

Faces in the crowd (2011) (prosopagnosia)

Beautiful mind (2001) (paranoid schizophrenia) 

Rain Man (1988) (Autism)

Swimfan (2002) (Delusional disorder)

Radio (2003) (Learning disability)

The Cable Guy (1996) Borderline Personality Disorder 



Please submit these summaries with your name, class section, and the movie that you watched. I do not want a summary and should not be more than a page long. 


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