question 150

1.    Gueutal & Stone (2005) state that an organization’s communication
practices can have a profound effect on how employees respond to an
organization’s compensation practices and whether the organization gets
what it wants. Assess the pros and cons of your organization’s
communication approach in regard to compensation practices. Offer a
different strategy that would provide more value to your organization as
well as its employees. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  2.    Critique the balanced scorecard approach as it applies to human
      resource projects.

  3.    Assess one way to control a project efficiently

  4.    Prioritize the elements of finishing a human resource project

  5.    Suppose you just completed an extensive project and your team is
      showing signs of relief. Unfortunately, you have yet to inform your
      team that they are behind schedule with a second project that
      contains an overlapping schedule with the previous project. Formulate
      a strategy to handle the situation addressing the post activities of
      the first project and balancing employee attitudes

  6.    Use the Internet to research new technologies that could impact the
      workforce, HR, human resource information systems, and world
      economics in the next decade, predict what the workforce attitudes
      and preferences will look like in the next 10 years based on new
      technologies and how HR will deal with those preferences. Provide
      specific examples to support your response.
  7.    Select any three of the following security threats described in the
      textbook (human error, damage by employees, misuse of computer
      systems, theft, computer based fraud, viruses, hackers, and natural
      disasters) and recommend a control for each threat that can be put
      into place to mitigate the breach of organizational information. Be
      sure to provide specific examples to support your response. Rank the
      threats in order of risk and then justify your ranking

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