quick research assignment 1

Technology Assignment:

You are required to search the world wide web for 2 scholarly articles regarding your topic that you selected in class. Make sure your scholarly articles are empirical and scientific, including information about the abstract, hypothesis, sample, research methodology, data analysis with conclusion and summary. You are required to report the address and a summary of information in 2 paragraphs. The summary should cover the following content information in a paragraph form:

  • What is the research question being addressed?
  • What is the hypothesis from the paper?
  • What kind of a research design is used?
  • What is one statistic the author report in their study?
  • What is the most important conclusion from the study?

Paragraph 1 includes the first research article and paragraph 2 the second research article.

(Do not include any general, descriptive articles from newspaper, magazines, brochures or pamphlets; and do not include any studies published more than 10 years).

Avoid Plagiarism: Please, turn in your original work. If there is a match of more than five words in a row or 15% similarity with another source, you will lose 15% from your total score. Turn in your assignment ahead of time so that the software can check the percentage of similarity index. If the similarity index is high, then bring it down and resubmit your work. One way to bring the similarity index down is to:

  • cite the sources in APA style.
  • do not copy from the original source, read it twice, understand and write it in your own words.
  • do not copy the questions from your assignment, instead number them when answering.
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