quiz questions

Book Needed: Modern Systems Analysis and Design by Jeffrey A. Hoffer (Seventh Edition)



Quiz 2 (Chapters 4-6) Provide short answer definitions and examples for the following terms. (You can use the margin notes, Glossary of Terms at back of book, and/or matching exercise at the end of each Chapter.)  Due July 17.


Ch 4

1. Value chain analysis

2. Incremental  commitment

3. Information Systems Planning (ISP)

Ch 5

4. Economic feasibility

5. Time value of money (TVM)

6. Technical feasibility

7.  Political feasibility

Ch 6

8. Joint Application Design (JAD)

9. Business process reengineering (BPR)

10. Disruptive technologies


Extra Credit (10 points)

For the Petrie Electronics case study (at the end of each chapter), would you recommend top-down or bottom-up planning for their IS.



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