Video:  What impressed you most when you saw this depiction of the incredible miracle of God’s creation of life?

2.  (A) Explain how nature(genetics) and nurture (environment) combine to influence the person we become.

3-6  Jean Piaget is the leading psychologist in the field of cognitive (thinking) development.
Explain what is happening in each of his four stages:

(A)  Sensory-Motor Stage (infancy- about age 2)
(B)  Preoperational Stage  (preschool years, including kindergarten)
C)  Concrete Operational Stage (school age child)
(D)  Formal Operational Stage (adolescent).

7-14  Explain what is happening at each of the eight turning points in Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development.


15.   A) What is extrinsic motivation?   (B) Give 2 specific examples of extrinsic rewards.

16.   (B) What is intrinsic motivation?  (B) Give 2 specific examples of intrinsic rewards.


17.  (A) What is conformity?  (B) Why do you think teens conform so much?

18.  How is compliance different from acceptance?

19.  What factors become important in predicting how successful any persuasive effort at attitude change might be?

20.  What is the Fundamental Attribution Error?

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