Rasmussen College Conflict Resolution Strategy Plan Discussion




Assignment Content


    Apply conflict management and negotiation strategies to decision-making.


    Recently, Johnson Consulting Company reorganized many of its departments worldwide to improve efficiency for working with customers. The leadership decided to combine its Customer Service and New Business Development Departments to allow both groups to experience working with new and existing customers. This move created one department where employees will work together to develop new customers while supporting existing customers.
    However, the move created conflict between the individuals involved with the reorganization in many South American locations, particularly in Brazil. For instance, the Customer Service Representatives were only handling existing customer issues before the reorganization, but the Business Development Specialists believe they should respond to new customer inquiries. Some of the Business Development Specialists prefer not to work closely with many Customer Service
    Representatives as they have demonstrated rude behavior to coworkers from time to time.As the newly appointed manager for both of these departments, you research Brazil’s natural and cultural dimensions. Then integrate what you have learned about the country’s culture in a conflict resolution strategy for the team.


    Develop a conflict resolution strategy plan that addresses the following:

    • What are two different types of conflict the Brazil groups are experiencing due to the reorganization? What bargaining technique would be most useful for addressing each of the different conflict issues? Why?
    • What elements of a negotiation should be considered when managing conflict in this situation?
    • What dimensions of Brazil’s culture should be considered by management to determine the best way to address the situation with the employees in Brazil? How would resolving conflict in the U.S. differ from Brazil?
    • Use examples to support the understanding of concepts in a well-defined conflict resolution strategy plan.
    • Provide attribution for credible references used in the development of content ideas following academic guidelines.
    • As always, please keep in mind who your audience is and use correct grammar and spelling.
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