reflection essay the three greatest lessons i learned in com 2206 write a short paper 3 4 pages in which you clearly explain the three lessons you learned in com 2206 that you thought were the most significant to you

1) Listening

2) Relationship Strategies

3) Communication Climate

Focus on three of the topics we have discussed, written about, or addressed in class. Pick the three that struck a chord with you, the three that gave you the most to think about, the three that you thought about later, the three you discussed with friends or family. Please select ONLY three.

Consider the Requirements: • Explain the lesson. Tell me clearly about what it is that you learned and how you learned it. • Link it to class material. Help me understand how this lesson was related to a discussion, learning activity, assignment or reading. You are not required to use information from the text, but you must clearly ground the lesson in COM 2206. If you do use any ideas from the textbook, they must be cited correctly in your essay. • Analyze the significance of the lesson for you. Break down into specific elements why you found the lesson significant. Don’t just tell me it was important, tell me why it was important to you.

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