replying to discussion posts

In your response to another student, make sure you have reviewed the additional process videos and textbook content; bring in new ideas or observations about the process in your response. Discuss what you learned about the processes and artistic creation; agreeing, disagreeing or simply stating your opinion will not earn points, especially if your answer is less than 75 words and repeats the observations of another student. Include something you observed that the previous student did not mention. While I hope you are amazed by seeing the artists work, words such as “awesome” or “amazing” are opinion and will not gain points if the process is not also discussed.

There needs to be 2 different replies to 2 different posts.

the question they answered and their answered are attached which is I need to reply a comment on.

Ruchit Patel (first reply):

Conan O’ Brien as seen by artist John Kascht (Links to an external site.)

Brinley Smith(second reply):

2-3 minute video (Links to an external site.)

video (Links to an external site.)

landscape (Links to an external site.)

here (Links to an external site.)

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