research synthesis first draft

The research paper should be the full version of the paper you propose in the abstract, which should be at least a little bit related to the topic you wrote about in your annotated bibliography.

How did you get from social media presence to operations management?

I just graded both your annotated bib and abstract: please review my feedback.

I noticed a common point for improvement: you need more working knowledge of your topic. You seem to have at least a working understanding of both genres, but you’re not commanding them, yet, in a way that effectively applies those genres to a discourse community. Your topic changes really prevent you from developing the type of knowledge that you need to write an effective paper. I was really struck by the way that the second paragraphs in your annotated bib only mildly gestured at putting together your different sources into a cohesive research project, and the abstract, similarly, didn’t engage with the material beyond superficial claims and gestures about big questions that, while they might be relevant, really aren’t research informed. You’re not yet thinking deeply enough about your topic or writing to the proper audience. If your claims and statements don’t refer to specific evidence from the text and speak to *precise concerns* raised by other members of your discourse community, the final projects can’t succeed.

I’m not really sure what to tell you to do with your paper. You switched topics so radically that it’s difficult to tell which are you know more about. Pick one of those topics and write a research synthesis.

I guess I’d suggest using the social media topic since you have sources for it, but you’ll need to find an appropriate CFP and narrow your research question significantly (see feedback).

Please follow up with me. Again, I’m really busy the next few days with pressing personal matters, but I can try and offer directive feedback here and there. The most helpful thing would be for you to narrow your focus and tell me what question, precisely, you want to answer, and it can’t be so broad that you ask about “all businesses.”

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