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The Senior Portfolio consists of five parts. Each section must be substantive. It is anticipated that a comprehensive Senior Portfolio incorporating all five parts will require the student to write a 
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please do not be repeat pages or contents every page must be different 
1. Part 1 requires you to conduct an External Analysis of the industry you are presently working in or hope to build a career in. The result of this exercise must be a comprehensive review of the Opportunities and Threats facing this industry.The industry is fashion merchandising, Career is Fashion Buyer for Macys
2. Part 2 must include a comprehensive discussion of your desired career path. This discussion must assess why you believe this career path will result in successful outcomes and should relate to the information about the industry that you identified in Part 1 of the Senior Portfolio.
3. In Part 3, you must discuss in some detail the courses taken in your major field of study at Berkeley College. You should explain what exactly it was about each one of these major courses that you feel impacted upon your ability to reach personal and vocational goals. Was the class effective at addressing YOUR needs? If yes, what about it was helpful? If not, was it something about the structure of the class or your readiness at the time you took it that created the shortfall?
all classes were helpful
Mention how im a transfer student so must of the classes i took at Nassau community college. So i will be mentioning other classes

Provides an overview and analysis of current color, fiber, and fashion trends, as well as their impact upon sales forecasting. Students will research, analyze, and develop fashion forecasts related to specific seasons in the apparel industry.( did a project a 
project on tribal prints it was very involved) you can make the stuff up but mention the project we did the whole semester). I felt good about this class because I had a portfolio of work i did that i could show to employers


sport medicine the best class ive taken. my group had to set up and event.  we chose  to do an art gallery event on haiti. The event was held in the ny city in an office space beautiful venue. I chose to be the leader of the group( make up what i learned about the struggles of setting up and event) I had to found a photographer a space and figure out how I would entertain the people.I had speaker(who was actually there during the recover time) who spoke about the earthquake in haiti. And the photographer made a video since he couldn’t be there.( make stuff up with the info i give you). The class was not what i excited. it was more like a job then a class. This opened my mind to event planning and being creative  



Covers basic financial accounting elements, definitions, and statements. Students learn how to read and understand financial statements and how to use them in making financial business decisions.


An introduction to the use of accounting information for management planning, control in budget preparation, and the evaluation of cost behavior. Students learn how to prepare and interpret cash flow statements and make managerial decisions based on financial statement analyses.







4. In Part 4, you are asked to define what “success” means to you. Look into the future. Are there further preparation/studies/experiences you will need to be able to achieve “success”?

5. Part 5 is a detailed career plan. This plan should be based on the discussion developed during the earlier parts to the Senior Portfolio and provide both action steps and a time table which you propose to follow in order to achieve your goals.  


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