rhetorical analysis of ronnie cheng asian comedian destroys america

This is a essay for writing course, and will be uploaded to Turnitin.com.

You will be writing a Rhetorical Analysis about the show called Ronnie Cheng: Asian Comedian Destroys America.

The show can be found on Netflix. You must watch the entire show before writing it. I will PAY you to watch!!!

But you’re not going to write about the entire show. You will only pick a few part of the show, and write it in detail.

You will be writing Rough Draft Two. The guideline is provided below. Guideline for Draft One is just for your information.

I’ll also attach the prompt and rubric for the RA.

RA Draft One

Write a preliminary, experimental draft with a focus on providing EVIDENCE and ANALYSIS. Do not worry about including an Introduction or Conclusion paragraph in this draft. Instead, just find some quotes that you find interesting and examine them for their rhetorical effect. In the process of doing this, you will discover the overall rhetorical strategy of the text, and several of the elements that will become the thesis of your paper.

In starting this draft, there are three things that will help you begin to do analysis:

1. First, make sure you’ve thoroughly watched/read your primary text.

2. Find several quotes from the text that interest you. Analyze each of these quotes using the WHAT, HOW and WHY analytical method we discussed in class. The first draft of each body paragraph you write should include both one quote and the full WHAT, HOW, WHY analytical process.

Hint: In order to help yourself analyze each quote, it would be a good idea to ask yourself what is the specific rhetorical situation for each quote. What is the speaker’s behavior/attitude like? Who is the speaker talking to/directing their message at? What is that message? Note that these things may change from quote to quote.

3. Once you’ve analyzed a few quotes, look over the things you discovered in your analysis and ask yourself if there is a pattern. What themes or ideas connect the analysis you’ve done? This will help you figure out how to begin to organize your paper, and then to determine what you think the overall rhetorical strategy of the text might be. Eventually, these ideas will also guide you in writing your Introduction paragraph, and crafting your own central argument.

RA Draft Two

Rhetorical Analysis Draft Two

The final draft of the RA assignment will eventually require you to produce a thesis-driven analysis of an aspect of rhetoric in an assigned text–complemented by secondary sources. For Draft TWO you will just be connecting several of the ideas you discovered in your first draft, expanding them and adding some additional ones. For this draft, your goal should be to determine what your paper is ABOUT.

Note: You may write as much as you want for this first draft. But at MINIMUM, please make sure your Draft One includes:

  1. An introduction, providing a detailed description of the rhetorical situation of the text: Describe all you know about the attitude/personality of the speaker (or characters), the attitude/perspective of the audience, and then define how you believe the writer/comedian uses these elements to help achieve whatever the PURPOSE of the text.
  2. For this second draft, you will also need to add at least ONE secondary source. (You will add another secondary source to each upcoming draft until you reach the total requirement of THREE by the final draft.) Use at least one quote or piece of information from this secondary text to help establish the CONTEXT of your central text. This context should help you to either introduce the text or to deepen your analysis of one of your quotes.
  3. Make sure its: Typed, double-spaced, and presented in MLA format.
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