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I need the following 2 page paper done paper is not to exceed pages. It must be in APA format and checked for grammatical errors before submitting it to me. It must be 100% original and will be chekced for plagarism before final payment is made. Paper must not contain words that end in “ed” , have at least 3 references, and must be submitted on time.  I need a paper written on topic below.



McBride Financial Services, is currently opening offices in Boise, Idaho and prepare a comprehensive risk assessment for McBride’s management team. The risk assessment should identify potential risks that could impact the operation of the business, including its technological operations. The focus of the paper will be on Potential targets of terrorist activity such as government offices, law enforcement agencies, or politically sensitive businesses or services at Boise, Idaho location. The written assessment should be 2 pages in length. In addition,  I need 2 slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of the project. Use the attached document to give you background requirments on the computer equipment that will be used for the Boise location to complete the 2 page risk assessment. 






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