sales management case




Based on the group’s review of Parts B and C of the case, collectively respond to the following questions:

Part B:

1. Bill Swanson is required to leave a one-minute introductory voice mail for Bob Benedict. What should it include?

2. Can Bill Swanson qualify the NYCG prospect? Explain.

3. Bill Swanson went alone to meet Bob Benedict. Should he have taken another colleague with him to the meeting? Why or why not?

4. Based on Swanson’s discussion with Benedict, compare and contrast the beneifts desired by NYCG’s Centra Print Services (CPS) and Distributed Print Services (DPS).

5. Based on Swanson’s discussion with Benedict, identify the top two to three goals for DPS and CPS.

6. What should Bill Swanson’s next steps be and why?

Part C:

1. Identify the role of the members of the buying center, along with their top goals and the reasons for these goals.

2. Based on Swanson’s discussion with Benedict, the DPS’s and CPS’s goals were as follows:

  • The top goals for DPS were:
    • Security
    • Usage monitoring for lower cost and greenness
  • The top goals for CPS were:
    • Consistency
    • Reliability of machine and service
    • Security

Now, update the top goals for DPS and CPS, based on Swanson’s discussion with other members of the team. Also, consider how these changes will affect the KMBS’ proposal to MYCG.

3. Swanson should review his list of questions with the responses he received from his meetings with the heads of DPS and CPS, then identify top priority items for his next steps.

4. List how KMBS can meet NYCG’s needs with its products and solutions. The emphasis is not on specific products and services; instead, you should think about the specific benefits they wouldideally offer to NYCG.

5. What is the value proposition KMBS can offer to NYCG?


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