Santa Monica College Psychology Essay




In your reading of Appendix A, there was that statement regarding biased language in the writing of your research. I want to point out that the very research we conduct can suffer from our own biases and therefore effect the outcomes of our research and the story we want to tell with data.

The researcher believes that poverty heavily correlates with low grades. After the data was collected, he discovered that his particular research with his particular data did not confirm that belief. The researcher has to report his findings, even if it does not prove the hypothesis. AND if the researcher is being paid by someone or an organization that is looking for that relationship. there could be a problem. This poses a dilemma.

Learning Objective:

Ethics in research: Conflict of Interest


1 video


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions


A. What is meant by the statement ” In life we encounter many people who have the incentives that blind them to reality and give us advice that in inherently biased.”

B. Give an example of a conflict of interest

3. Respond to at least 1 other student.


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