sardar sarovar case study

Post one way in which NGOs tried to impact World Bank reform along with an explanation of how the dam case was crucial to the NGO reform effort. Evaluate the effectiveness of your selected example and support your argument by relating it to either Nelson (1997) or Payne (1997). Your post should not exceed 300 words.

A response to Nelson on ‘Deliberation, Leverage or Coercion?’

I chose this article because the author shares his perspective on NGOs and the World Bank, with special focus on the impact of the Independent Inspection Panel. .

Payne, R. A. (1997).

Deliberation, Leverage or Coercion? The World Bank, NGOs and Global Environmental Politics

I chose this article because the author discusses the impact of NGO advocacy on World Bank decision-making.

Nelson, P. J. (1997).

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