satirical proposal minimum two paragraphs

Scenario A

In “A Modest Proposal,” Swift invites anyone who has a more original idea to offer up a counterproposal. Your task is to respond to Swift’s request for a counter proposal by creating a satirical proposal of your own. What other outlandish ideas could be used to solve the famine in Ireland?


No matter which option you choose, be sure to do the following in your proposal:

  • Include a satirical proposal that is a minimum of two paragraphs.
  • Clearly identify the problem and audience from the very beginning.
  • State why this issue is important or significant to the audience.
  • Provide a method or approach for solving the problem or carrying out the plan.
  • Provide solid research (or additional resources) to back up the your ideas/plan of action.
  • Include a budgetary plan if funds are needed for the plan to work.
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