SCI 134 UCI Social Science Practice Skill Veterans Writing Paper




For this skills practice task you will work with one of the veterans’ writing or artwork you selected (see module 3 overview) and you will continue to build on the previous skills practice task of rhetorical analysis and summary.

Focus on one veteran’s writing, art, or performance (see module overview, see the list, then choose a work you like) and perform a rhetorical analysis (use the list of questions from skills practice 1), focusing on how the work uses a rhetorical appeal of ethos, pathos, or logos. This short essay will include some degree of introducing the work’s rhetorical situation, summarizing the work’s main idea(s), and may include a direct quote when demonstrating how the author uses a given rhetorical appeal.

Use relevant templates or strategies (from TS/IS) for distinguishing what they say (the writer/artist) from what you (I) say, for introducing a summary and a direct quote, and for explaining a quote.

Here are the websites for three community/creative groups for veterans (two of which we learned about in module 2). Please review the information on how to access veterans’ creative expressions (mostly written but some in other media). You are encouraged to read several works from each group. You will also use selected works of your choice (from these sources) for the Skills Practice 3 assignment (check out the assignment for more details).

Syrcause Veterans’ Writing Group

Click to see a list of writings organized by the title of the work:

University of California Veterans Summer Writing Workshops

This link takes you to the writings created in 2020

But if you want to see other years, click the “writings” tab in the center of the page to see a dropdown menu, you’ll then see the child page of “UC Veterans Summer Writings,” hover over it and you’ll see another dropdown list of years (i.e., 2019–2015).

Warrior Writers

The available content is organized via artist

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